On-site computer repair in Budapest, HungaryRivalComp On-site service in Budapest, Hungary
since 2006
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What we offer

Rival as competitor, challenger, contestant...

RivalComp has started as an individual enterprise after eight years of professional experience gained  at small, mid and large companies. We became registered under the name RivalComp Szolgáltató Bt. (RivalComp Services LP) in 2006.

Our purpose is to support the IT background of private clients, small and medium sized enterprises, as well as educational institutes on demand, maintain their system administration and supervision, starting from planning through purchase and operation until the technical support.

Our principle is to solve the problems together, or choose the right pieces by getting to know our clients’ needs, relying on our professional knowledge and experience.

Our motto: „Let us find the solution together!”

The main elements of our work:
  • We are living in the age of new desktop, notebook and handheld configurations – the age of megastores. Perhaps looking at the tempting small prices we tend to forget that there are some products, that getting off from a shelf is not the best buy. We may reckon among these products the computers and their accessories, pieces. Without careful and competent assembly our computer may cause a lot of unpleasant moments. It is important that we buy our computers carefully selected from a specialist, or completely assembled from a branded manufacturer continuously providing the professional background and service. We undertake the assembly of customized configurations, or complete desktop, notebook and handheld computers (Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Benq, Asus, etc.), as well as the expansion, testing and installation of these after your needs.
  • Hardware, software troubleshooting – if your computer doesn’t start, or it just beeps, its operation system crashes regularly, the computer often restarts, we troubleshoot the hardware or software problem on the spot, we detect the malfunctioning pieces, change the malfunctioning parts on demand, with guarantee, naturally.
  • The service of HP and Canon laser printers – it doesn’t feed paper, or if it does, it feeds more than one? The print-outs are faulty, slant, grimy? Please, contact us! We size up the error and give a price-offer about the repair which is about to be carried  out. We take care about the transportation of the printer back and forth.
  • iPod repair – data recovery from an internal hard-drive of a faulty iPod – if your Ipod got faulty and you wanted to save the data stored on it, we perform the retrieval of the data to DVD, to a new hard-disk, or to the one brought by you, or to an other storage device, in case the built-in 1,8" disk is still readable.
  • Internet Telephony – keep in touch with your loved ones living far away, your friends or clients with the help of  your current Internet access and existing analog devices (wired or cordless telephones, PBX, fax). Do all these with a quick-return, one-off investment, at a reasonable price! The VoIP, SIP and other Internet voice and frame transfer technologies grain more and more ground in everyday communication. Assessing your needs we propose a modality of telephony through the Internet which is cheaper than the general mobile and fixed local, domestic and international call tariffs, and we also make a proposition for the necessary devices. We set the new technology and integrate it into your existing analog system. To have resort to the service any broadband connection (DSL, microwave, cablenet, etc.) can be used.
  • Software legalization – we undertake the assessment of your software-park. Keeping in mind your needs we propose optimized, possibly free software-packages. We provide the necessary software, and install them on your request.
  • Configuration of wired and wireless networks – we carry out the configuration, maintenance and system management of computer networks as well as the purchase of network devices for private clients, small and medium sized enterprises.
  • Virus scan – viruses, Trojans, ad and spyware can cause severe damage in case of inadequate defense. It is not enough to run your antivirus software regularly, the virus-database of the software also needs regular update. It is important the usage of reliable software or hardware firewalls, as well as the prudent browsing, download, or mailing.
  • Data recovery – if something is broken, beyond the expensive physical save it only helps if we made or asked somebody to make a safety backup of our data before the data loss happens. We undertake ad-hoc or regular data backup (on CD, DVD, hard disk, FTP server, etc.), as well as the configuration of backup systems to existing computer networks.
Onsite computer repair in Hungary

RivalComp Services LP.
1033 Budapest, Selyemfonó u. 2.

+36 20 332 6966

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